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Single Discrete Op Amp SS3601

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  • Full Data Sheet Available
  • 140 dB Open Loop Gain
  • 415nV RMS (2.9nV√HZ) Noise to 20KHZ
  • +/- 18 Vcc Max
  • 15mA Class A Output Current
  • 65mA Max Output Current
  • 14mA Supply Current
  • < 300µV Typical Offset


  • Best Op Amp For Amplifying Audio Signals
  • Available In Single Or Dual
  • DIP8 Compatible Package
  • Circular Machined Gold Plated Pins
  • Smallest Discrete Op Amp On The Market
  • 100% Class A Biasing
  • Two Pole Compensation
  • NPO Capacitors
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors


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